Proceeds from Go As You Please Funeral Plans are invested in our own Trust fund, in line with current legislation.

The Trust is independently administered by the Funeral Trustee Company Limited.

The Funeral Trustee Company Ltd and the Go As You Please Funeral Plan Trust have been set up specifically to take care of funeral prepayments sold by Go As You Please Funerals 2009 Ltd and its associated companies, Go As You Please Edinburgh Ltd and Go As You Please Consett Ltd.

Funeral Trustee Company Website


The Funeral Trustee Company Limited Complaints Procedure

  1. The internal processes of the Funeral Trustee Company Ltd (FTC) require Go As You Please Funerals 2009 Ltd and associated companies (the Plan Providers) to comply with the FPA Code of Practice.
  2. A customer who is dissatisfied with the service provided by a Plan Provider should, in the first place, contact that Plan Provider who must reply to the customer in writing within 7 working days of receiving a complaint.
  3. If a Plan Provider cannot resolve a complaint to the customer’s satisfaction, the customer should contact FTC (whose address and telephone number are included on this web site). FTC will carry out an independent investigation and respond to the customer within 7 working days of receipt.
  4. Plan Providers are required to co-operate with the customer redress procedures and to participate in any investigation carried out by FTC.
  5. Plan Providers are bound by FTC’s decision, subject to the right of the Plan Provider or the customer to seek a review of the decision.

In addition Plan Providers must:

  1. Provide on all price lists and other promotional material an address (or, if this is not practicable, a telephone number) to which communications may be directed;
  2. Display a copy of the FPA Code of Practice at their place of business and have copies available to distribute to customers and others free of charge;
  3. Co-operate fully with those representing consumers including trading standards officers, Citizens’ Advice Bureau or other consumer advisers.