The ethos of Go As You Please was conceived and developed following the loss of a family member of Carl Marlow, the owner of the company.  He felt that the funeral industry was cashing in on grieving families by charging high prices and offering limited options.

Go As You Please was established in 2001, with an aim to change the industry by offering customers’ an honest affordable service, and to help create meaningful celebrations of their loved ones lives.

Over the years we have helped over 10, 000 families organise funerals for their loved ones.  The reputation we have built based on that original ethos, has meant we have progressively expanded from one to seven shops, including the recently opened branches in Edinburgh and Consett.  This has made us the largest independent Funeral Director in the North East.

At Go As You Please we don’t employ ‘Funeral Directors’, we employ ‘nice people’: a team of people who are dedicated to helping our families through the funeral experience, and to ensure that they achieve whatever they wish for their loved ones.

We openly advise on funeral costs, options, and alternatives; in order to successfully fulfil our customers’ requirements

Since we opened in 2001, we have helped over 10,000 families to do this. We are trying to change the funeral industry, by calling for an end to heavy sales tactics and sorrowful formalities; and encourage a more open approach to alternative ways of celebrating someone’s life.

Every person has lived a different and varied life, this can be reflected and celebrated in their funeral

There are certain essential elements to all funerals. We wish to see people informed of these and distinguish them from the non-essentials. The non-essentials are often the ‘trimmings’ which it is preconceived that we ‘must have’, such as expensive coffins, funeral cars and flowers. In reality, aside from the essentials, there is a wealth of opportunity whereby people can easily create a far more individual funeral, at a fraction of the cost.

Together we can the organise the funeral you desire

As our name suggests, if someone asks for something we can do it. A jazz band? Fireworks? We can do it.
We create funerals that celebrate life and reflect a person’s personality and passions. A fitting way to say goodbye.

go as you please funeral plans
natural burials at seven penny meadows
Go As You Please pre-paid funeral plans

We would like to thank Kate and all the other staff involved in the arrangement of the funeral. Your caring and professional approach was comforting to us all at such a sad time.

From the moment I walked into your office I immediately felt at ease.  I would like to say a great big thank you to all involved in my mams funeral arrangements; a special thank you to Kate and Barbara for their patience and empathy during this sad chapter in my life, you were wonderful and relieved me of so much stress.  Please take care, I would recommend your services to everyone in my position. I can’t thank you enough.
There was an almost instant reply from my enquiry on line and honesty of being a ‘small family business’ sealed the deal. It was a job well done.  Thank you.  The dignity you all gave my brother was much appreciated from start to finish, the non-judgmental approach and no questions asked; just calm acceptance.  I feel so privileged to have had my trust in your services rewarded with such a gracious funeral for my brother.  The continuity of care has been second to none and all of the staff involved had an exceptional gift and intuition how to understand people.  As we live a distance away the kind guidance you gave was deeply appreciated; from advice re local florists and prices to collecting personal belongings, sensitive communication through emails, text messages and telephone calls. Sam, the funeral director was exceptional.  I have no doubt that Go As You Please funerals will always ensure the highest of standards are always maintained and wish you well.